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Formation of Solar System Faster Than Thought?
Two New Extrasolar Planets Spotted [9/1/2004, Norman Transcript]

Meteorites and the Compositon of the Earth and Solar System

Composition: Undifferentiated and Differentiated



Carbonaceous Chondrites 

Differentiated Meteorites

Achondrites (stones) 



Killer Meteorite!!

This fragment of the Nakhla, Egypt achondritic meteorite (an igneous rock), consists entirely of silicate minerals; no metal alloys are present.  Nakhla is the only known meteorite to have struck and killed a living creature - a dog - when it fell.

Homogeneous Accretion Model

Heterogeneous Accretion Model

Estimating Size of Parent Body for Differentiated Meteorites: Widmanstatten Structures (Patterns)

Conclusions Relative to Earth

Origin of the Solar System: Nebular theory (Kant, LaPlace)

The Story of a Meteorite

Some History of Titius-Bode Law