Icom PCR1000 Resources

The Icom What?

     Bonito RadioCom Software (Cited by Icom's for use with the PCR1000)
General Information
David Southworth's PCR1000 page:
Rich Wells (N2CMA), "Strong Signals" PCR1000 page:
Icom America PCR1000 page:
   and their UT106 DSP page:
John Smith's (K3GO) PCR1000 page:
Powerband Communications Review:
PCR1000 Mailing List
    JavaRadio: Control a PCR1000 over the Web!
Software (see Backing Up Your EEPROM first!)
    Ham Radio Deluxe - Freeware! 
    Shortwave Log - Logging and Control - RS232 or Internet!  by Bob Sillett 
    Perry Joseph's (DataFile, Inc.) Probe1K for the PCR1000
Giuliano's (ICG) Hardware control panel for PCR1000
Giuliano's (ICG) Field analyzer for PCR1000; uses GPS
    Carl Walker's "pcrd", an improvement to Unix program above
    DOS program for controlling PCR1000
    RadioMax by Data Delivery Devices
Pete Mahy's TalkPCR PCR1000 Shareware Program
ScanCat, Commercial Software for PCR1000
Visual Radio, Commercial Software for PCR1000, Java, ActiveX
Radio Manager, Commercial Software for PCR1000
Radio Manager (different program!), Soon to Support PCR1000
Programming Information (Command Set Listings)
Recent compilation by David Anderson: 19nov98.zip (6.7 kB)
    From Clifton Turner: allcmds.zip (4 kB)
Another Command Set Listing: commands.zip (2 kB)
Backing Up and Restoring EEPROM
    Why you should care!
    Baseline EEPROM Data, in case you lose yours 
    Patrick Masotta's Backup Program
    Pete Mahy's Backup Program (and problem description)
Warning: I do not endorse or recommend hardware or firmware (EEPROM) modification of your radio. If you choose to perform a modification, you do so at your own risk.  Also, there has been some discussion on the PCR1000 mailing list that you may be able to damage the PCR1000 by sending the wrong software commands to it.
The Icom PCR1000 is an ultra-wideband receiver (10 KHz to 1300 MHz!) which is completely controlled by an external computer, via a serial cable connection. The only control on the radio itself is an on/off switch! Of course, you can visit some of the sites above to learn more about it.
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