Geology 1114: Physical Geology

 Instructor:  Dr. Judson L. Ahern
 Lecture:  T R 9:00-10:15, Room A235 Sarkeys Energy Center, plus course web pages, text, outside readings
 Web URL:
 Text:  Earth, Tarbuck & Lutgens, 9th Edition
 Lab:  Must be enrolled in one of the lab sections; see Miscellaneous Details
 Office Hours:  After class or by appointment; Energy Center, Room 924,

Tarbuck and Lutgens 9th Edition

Course Evaluation:

Exam 1  18% of final grade
Exam 2  18% of final grade
Exam 3/Final  30% of final grade
Quizzes, HW  10% of final grade
Lab Grade  25% of final grade
Total  101%

Exam policy: The only acceptable reason for missing a test is a medical illness, to be verified by a note from a physician. In this situation, it is your responsibility to contact me ASAP. The next scheduled test taken will also count for the number of points available for the test that was missed. Absence from a test due to work-related conflicts, social, or sporting activities, etc., is not acceptable; a score of zero points will be given for the test. If the final exam is missed for a justifiable medical reason, a grade of I (incomplete) will be given for the course. In this case, it is your responsibility to contact me ASAP so I can determine what needs to be done to complete the course.

Although lecture schedule and content may vary, and changes may be made as the course progresses, tests will be given on the days indicated on the
Course Schedule/Schedule and Notes. Tests will be comprised of a mixture of multiple choice and true/false questions. In addition to the material presented in the lectures, you will be expected to undertake assigned readings from the textbook, WWW, and other sources; tests will cover material presented in class and material from the assigned readings.

The two midterms will have 50 questions each. The third midterm/final exam will be given on the regularly final exam time for this course (see Course Schedule/Outline and Notes). It will have a total of 100 multiple choice/true-false questions, and can be thought of as two tests: one is a midterm testing material covered since the third exam (10% of grade; 50 questions); the other is a comprehensive final (10% of grade, 50 questions).

Academic Misconduct: Academic misconduct (cheating, etc.) will not be tolerated. I will not hesitate to pursue a charge of academic misconduct against any student found cheating. All students are expected to have read and understood the
student code and the academic misconduct code (OU Academic Integrity). In this course, academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, copying from another student's exam paper, using unallowed materials during exams (notes, books, "crib sheets", etc.), or otherwise enlisting aid during exams from anyone other than the instructor.

Note: The University of Oklahoma is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for all students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who require accommodations in this course are requested to speak with the professor as early in the semester as possible. Students with disabilities must be registered with the Office of Disability Services prior to receiving accommodations in this course. The Office of Disability Services is located in Goddard Health Center, Suite 166, phone 405/325-3852 or TDD only 405/325-4173.